Introducing Farts Candy™,
flavorful chewy candy nuggets in all kinds of fruity flavors that's so fun they'll make you laugh!™ Indeed, the little bumpy, candy shell pieces with a nice, chewy texture, are a perfect candy to toss into your mouth any time you like. You can't help but giggle and smile when you hear the name Farts. Plus, the candies look like little poofs. Consumers will have a huge selection of these "poof-shaped" pieces of candy goodness since they come in 126 different tongue-antalizing flavors including orange, grape, strawberry, watermelon. These juicy flavors will be packaged in 4 different varieties – Fruiti, Sour, Various Single Flavors and Small Farts. With a smorgasbord of Farts varieties, you'll be on your way to enjoying a Farts Frenzy!

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